Safe Condoms

All Safe Condoms have the CE0120 number and therefore meet all strict European requirements (Class IIB, Annex IX rule 14) (Directive 93/42/EEC on Medical devices, Annex II, including Section 4.).

Each foil containing Safe Condoms includes this CE number, the use-by date, and the LOT number, which refers to the condom production badge and the accompanying test report. Every condom is tested electronically in the factory before leaving the factory to ensure no condoms containing leaks, defects or manufacturing mistakes are sold.

An electronic test indicates any holes or weak spots in the condom through electric impulses. If any of these are found, the condom is rejected immediately. The factory producing the condoms is checked periodically by SGS. SGS is an independent organization that also issues the CE number. SGS is an independent company; number one worldwide when it comes to inspection, verification, tests and certification based on global rules and legislation.

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